1800's Farmhouse where I grew up

Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy New Year!

Today is the one year anniversary of Mom being relieved of her confusion and pain, leaving us to once again be embraced by the loving arms of her creator.  I miss her SO MUCH!  Yes I still experience sadness and even question whether my grief has yet risen to the surface to be truly dealt with. My daughter is my ROCK, there to listen or to just share my sadness.  Our genetic pool has graced her with Mom's beautiful face, as well as her mischievous dimples.  She cannot deny her kinship to this amazing woman. 

Since the day we escorted Mom on her last trip to be buried by Dad, Katie has worn her wedding band, both as a reminder of the woman her grandmother was, and as a symbol of strength that she embodied.  I will forever cherish the picture Kate created to honor her beloved Gram on this day.

I also heard from my sister Kerry today, and am grateful we were texting and not on the phone, for I know I would have broken down and sobbed once again.  It then occured to me that perhaps I should revisit this blog, which was therapeutic to me when I began writing during Mom's illness. Recalling stories and events that molded me through childhood and into the adult I have become elicits a feeling of the love that never leaves us, even when a person does.  I have read that it is important to remember that the relationship lives on, through love, through stories, through FAMILY. 
For family will always continue to be...EVERYTHING.

Lisa <3