1800's Farmhouse where I grew up

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Falling for Autumn

Summer 2011 was a summer of extremes for much of the world.  Hurricanes, droughts, earthquakes, heat waves, tsunamis and record rainfall to name a few.  It makes one pause to consider the 2012 predictions. Scientifically, increased storms and changing climate and weather patterns are reported to be a symptom of global warming...caused by man made sources or as natural warming patterns throughout the world. Regardless of the cause, it does seem to be happening.  In a county nearby here in PA, residents were evacuated from rising creeks and rivers three times in three weeks.  Water can be serene, or powerfully destructive.  It certainly demands deliberation over where to live these days.  It is gratifying to feel somewhat safe in the mountains...or at least it was until the VA earthquake shook us all!  I have decided to continue to find joy in every day, in home, family, God, and nature.  Living in doubt or fear is no way to live at all.
My focus now is creating the homey atmosphere that envelops you in its warmth as you cross the threshold. I am over summer and all its weather, and falling for the gift of autumn and its cooler temps and blazing colors. 
Each season casts a spell of its own, but for me, fall into Christmas is my time to embrace nature and enhance my home with country accents, indoors and out.
Here's hoping you also fall for autumn!
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3


  1. This is such a warm post to me, Lisa. You are so right, we have to avoid living in doubt or fear! And the feeling of coziness with the coming of Fall...delightful! xxx

  2. You're back!! haha love you mum!! Welcome FALL!! :-)