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Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a lot like....

As the carols have hit the airwaves and calendar days are being X'd out, counting the days til that jolly old elf decends the chimney, I am caught up in the hustle and bustle of decorating, shopping, wrapping, and planning. Between these activities I am required to go to my place of employment, which really puts a damper on the whole holiday affair.  Christmas is a SEASON, not a day. It is a FEELING, it is FAITH, it is WELCOMING.  It is also a time for remembering.  Tonight I will light a candle in remembrance of a special young man, taken from his family and friends much to early.  I will light the candle for Stevie and for all of the children who have been lost to this world too soon. I will remember the impact their short lives have had upon those they loved.

Today is World Wide Children's Remembrance Day. In countries, cities, towns, and homes across the world, candles will be lit from 7-8 PM, in one time zone after another, lighting the way of those lost to us for a full 24 hours. A show of faith and compassion, touching the heart and offering healing to those who have lost a child.
Dearest Lor...my candle will shine for you.

A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3

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