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Monday, May 16, 2011

Three Mondays

My sanity is SCREAMING for summer...no more 5AM wake ups, no more rushed 20 minute lunches where I am LATE if I actually chew.  My head is DREAMING of poolside lounging, gardening at my leisure, and going out for ice cream. My heart is ACHING for time to read, spending time with my lonely pets, and actually seeing the man I married.
A sense of completion and certainly of relief will envelop me in a few longggg weeks, when I am able to say goodbye to students for the summer.  Remaining are three Mondays, five Tuesdays, five Wednesdays, five Thursdays, and four Fridays if my count down to summer is correct.  The weeks will undoubtedly fly by as the individual days drag on.  I love my kids...don't get me wrong...but this millennium's added responsibilities and standardized stress create a need for the summer break I remember being paramount in my choice of teaching as a profession!

I most obviously have "senioritis" right along with our graduating class.  I think I do every year, even when I worked at the intermediate and middle school levels.  The difference is, the seniors are leaving for good, heading out into a world we can only hope we have adequately prepared them for in this era of joblessness and economic uncertainty. My heart bleeds for those who face the prospect of unemployment, the improbability of being able to leave home soon, or the lack of funds for spiraling college education costs. Our governor has personally destroyed the hopes of many hoping/praying/desiring to further their education.  My own two master's candidates will be paying for the privilege for years to come.
Regardless of future prospects, we ARE all ready for there to be only thee more Mondays....and a whole lot of summer!
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3

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  1. It can't go fast enough!! This weekend :-)