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Monday, May 2, 2011

And I Cried Again

We all remember where we were on the morning of 9/11....the graphic details that were broadcast are certainly burned into my brain.  I was in a fifth grade social studies class, watching in horror as the first, and then the second plane crashed into the twin towers.  In a room full of ten year olds, most of whom did not grasp the enormity or reality of the news, it was difficult to remain calm and reassuring for those who did understand.  The tears of a ten year old whose parent worked in the north tower caused my own eyes to tear when I was trying so hard to continue the day's schedule as though nothing had happened.
We will now all remember where we were on the morning of 5/2....the graphic details that were broadcast are again burned into my brain.  I was in State College, just 2 miles from the throng of 5,000 jubilant and emotional students and residents who took to the streets at midnight to celebrate the news that Osama bin Laden was taken down.  The song "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" came into my head, causing me to half laugh/half cry as the new enormity of the day hit home.
On 9/11 my neighbor Mary met Christ along with some 3,000
others who were lost to us on that fateful day. She left behind four sons, the youngest just starting 2nd grade.  I have watched those boys grow into young men, and the 2nd oldest join the Marines to fight for right in a world gone so wrong. Mary must be so proud to see the difference he has made for so many on 3 tours to Iraq and Afghanistan.  He has done it not only for the love of country, but the love of his mother.
I cried again today. At the sad memories, in pure astonishment, relief, disbelief, a sense of patriotism swelling my heart as crowds across this great country waved flags and belted out "God Bless America". 
I prayed again today. For the service men and women, for the families who lost so much, for the friends, teachers, neighbors, and all of us who knew we couldn't change anything, but wanted to help anyway to pick up the pieces.
Tomorrow the sun will rise and set again as usual. But the world is not the same.  We are all a little wiser, and hopefully much more grateful for what we have and who we love.
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3


  1. beautifully written. what a day of mixed emotions.. explaining everything to ping over dinner was such a hard thing to do. she was amazed at our love for our country and everyone coming together. she says 'now i understand why u can be so proud to be an american!' amazing

  2. She couldn't have had a better person to explain it to her...I still remember your National Honor Society essay about that day. xoxo