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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nonagenarian Extraordinaire

I have missed my time of late to sit down and ruminate over recent events, or some old but heartwarming stories. A little oral surgery for a broken tooth, and plans to celebrate my father in law, who is now 90 years young, have occupied my time and mind.  As a matter of fact, the dental emergency over shadowed the party planning, and I am now ready to go into full swing panic.
The goodies are bought and the menu is set, but it's too early to cook OR clean. Throw another unrelated and scheduled-forever-ago doctor appointment into the mix...the day before the festivities, and I foresee a college style all- nighter of cooking, cleaning, and set up for Saturday.  I am thanking God right now for the blessing of a daughter who is willing to drive 3 hours to hold her dear old mom's hand and help with the last minute preparations.  How extremely smart my genes were to create such a wonderful daughter and best friend. Love you Kates!
The birthday boy, John Sr., who is symptomatic of short term memory loss after several small strokes, is thrilled to be the guest of honor a the celebration. At least he is when he is reminded there will BE a party!  Relatives, friends, and his 90 year old girlfriend will also be present to most likely roast the man who touched all of their lives in so many different ways.
He is a father and grandfather, a former Marine Raider, husband, coach, teacher, and general ball buster.  It amazes me how many lives he has touched, and the strong, intelligent, compassionate...irritating, annoying...way he immerses himself into your life.  He is loved and lovable, respected and respectful, playful as well as strict, and selflessly served our country so well during WWII.  We will all live and die free due to the time he (and others) spent putting their lives on the line all over the world for those ideals.
So here's to Corporal John, Farfar/Morfar, BBF, Coach Finelli. 

A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3


  1. A wonderful tribute to a great man. Hope the tooth thing goes okay....and you can concentrate on the fun.

  2. love you farfar!! :-) see u todayyyy mum!