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Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

I have always wondered why today is called GOOD Friday, when in fact we commemorate a very sad day in our Christian heritage.  I tried to do a little research on the matter, just out of curiosity, and found no definitive answer.  The Bible actually states that Christ died on a Wednesday, which complicates the whole Friday thing even more.  As a kid I thought Jesus died on a Friday, because, in essence, that is what I thought I was being taught.
As an adult, I am finding I now have more questions than answers to most of life's mysteries, and have come to the conclusion that believing in the unseen, and trusting in something bigger than ourselves is a matter of heart more than mind.  I remember days as a child that I would TRY to contemplate the idea of a Universe that goes on forever. It literally gave me headaches trying to wrap my mind around the idea that there is no end.  The mind likes concrete answers. The heart instead soars to higher plains.
You can't see love, but it can be felt in outstretched arms, a gentle touch, and a heart bursting with affection. A heart doesn't physically "break", but the pain of loss is very real.  The point is we are merely human, and not meant to know or understand all of creation. At least that's an answer I can live with for now.
I hope everyone has a GOOD Friday.
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3

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