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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hello Harvey

For several days last week, my husband was doing his best to convince me he had seen the Easter Bunny.  While, as a child, I had never stopped to think what the Easter Bunny might look like, the one my husband purported to see was white. All white, albino to be precise, with pink ears and pink eyes.  Now I KNOW that's not the kind of rabbit you see in the wild, so I was convinced he was playing with me.
Nevertheless, each time he yelled to me that the white rabbit was outside our window, I would go running to look.  It was never there by the time I arrived, if it ever had been in the first place.  My husband is an aficionado of old movies, and a fan of Jimmy Stewart.  It's a Wonderful Life just may be his all time favorite movie, whether he watches at Christmas, or in the middle of summer.  This is not the movie that came to mind, however, whenever the white rabbit was "sighted". I instead thought of Harvey, another Stewart film, where he is befriended/stalked by a man size white rabbit. Whether it was Stewart or the rabbit that was called Harvey, I have no idea. It is definitely the name my husband was stuck with for that week, though.
After days of playing hide and seek with a very clever rabbit, I refused to be suckered into whatever game my husband was playing anymore.  Relaxing on the couch before dinner one night, I got a phone call from my husband who I knew had JUST pulled into the driveway. I answered anyway, and was told he couldn't park because the white bunny was in his way. Laughing I went to the window, expecting him to give me one of those "got you!" faces, only to see a pure white rabbit with pink ears and eyes sitting in the drive.
My husband had been truthful the entire time!
Following the moments where I had to admit I was wrong and he was right, John called neighbors to see if someone was missing a white rabbit. None were, but he gathered more Intel that not one, but TWO white rabbits had been spotted in the yard a few houses up from us. The couple was nesting under our neighbor's deck.
Chances are, someone's pet rabbit had broken out and had gone over to the wild side.  A country neighbor...who lives a few miles away....shared that his own white rabbits had escaped just a year before, and he had seen evidence of white-meets-wild in baby bunnies popping up in the area.  Hybrid white and tan mixed rabbits now populate our immediate vicinity.
It is nice to know my husband is not always trying to fool me, and that "Harvey" does exist.
Hoppy Easter Week!!
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3

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  1. hahah they DO exist!! hoppy almost easter!! :-)