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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Egg on Your Face

With Easter week in full swing, egg hunts are scheduled everywhere.  Our church has a tradition of hosting an Easter Egg Hunt the day before Easter for all the young and young at heart in our congregation.  When my kids were little, the youth group of the church hosted the hunt, gathering early in the day to color and hide hundreds of eggs on the church property. 
When Katie was about 3, she was pretty quick for a toddler from all the practice she got chasing after her older brother and the boys on the block.  She was very successful that year, filling her Easter basket with both candy-filled plastic eggs, as well as the real thing, decorated in pretty pastel colors by the youth group.
On the way home, both she and her brother helped themselves to their baskets of goodies in the back seat of the car.
As I was driving I listened to them ooing and ahhing over their finds, counting to see who found the most eggs.  Nearing home, I heard the first crack of an egg. My kids had been taught by their grandfather how to crack eggs on their foreheads before peeling and eating them. I thought this was harmless fun, provided the "crack" on the head was not too hard! I had not anticipated another problem that could occur.
After she had cracked the egg on her head, Katie began crying. Adjusting the rear view mirror to see her scrunched up and crying little face, I had to stop the laugh that burst from my very core. My little girl was covered from the top of her little head to the bottom of her little chin in gooey, dripping, raw egg.   She was startled and obviously mortified. Her brother and I were clearly amused as we tried to comfort and clean her.
Apparently one of our wonderful youth group members was unaware the eggs he brought should have been HARD BOILED before they were colored.  At church Easter morning we were able to track down the youth and share our egg in the face story.  He was apologetic, but like me had found the humor in the situation.
Katie laughs now too, but at 3....not so much. Regardless, it is a cherished Easter story for our family.
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3

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  1. i love it!! glad after all these years you can still get a laugh from it :-P i dont think ive tried that since!