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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Memories of My Life

Growing up with a mother who was sometimes organized, sometimes not, I learned some very important lessons about planning and being organized....from my dad!  Seriously though, Mom had a unique way of journaling and record keeping that I used when my children were small. Everyone keeps SOME kind of calendar. Mom's was covered in writing, recording everything from appointments, to bell due dates, to which days someone had called or stopped over.
As a young mother I had little time for journaling, and quickly fell into Mom's footsteps with calendar diaries. I too would record daily activities, phone numbers, and sometimes even predicted weather when a trip was coming up. ALWAYS I recorded my children's milestones, school, and social events.  It became MY diary family life. Somewhere in the attic there is a box of these old calendars. They are all from when my kids were young, and it seemed more important to write down everything to keep our collective and separate schedules in order. 
When my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and we began boxing up her house and life piece by piece, I found her most recent calendar, still scribbled with the daily notations she had used for so very long. "Lisa called", "Katie's birthday", "visit from Lisa and family".  We remained her life and love long into the diseased moments that stole her memories.
As I am spring cleaning and going through items that should have long since left our house and closets, I stumbled upon old checks that needed shredding.  One in particular caught my eye, made out to The Official Star Wars Fan Club.  My son, still a Star Wars fan, joined when he was 12 or so. I had forgotten. There are so many memories we tuck deep to keep forever safe, but forget to remember if we don't bring them out every once in a while.
I plan to resume my Calendar Diary, so that when it is my children's turn to box my things, they are reminded also of the family life, loves, and activities we all shared....and SMILE.
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3

PS They have added LOL to the dictionary.  I think journaling should be added also. VERB: to write in a journal (or calendar!)

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