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Friday, June 17, 2011

Lighten UP!

The sun is a little brighter today, and my step is a little lighter.  I spent some time on my first day away from school to walk around my yard and "just smell the roses", although roses are one type of plant of which I am not a fan. They are beautiful, I concede, but the scent is too much for me and there is a formality to the blooms that do not fit into my lifestyle.
Easy, beezy, and yes, beautiful... is my goal for turning my winter dreary home into my summer oasis. Plant by plant the conception I have of a calm summer retreat takes shape, first in my mind and then in dirt and furniture arrangements.  The serene blue pool, trickling bird baths, colorful plants, palms and ferns swaying in the breeze...HEAVEN!
The only place I find greater serenity is at the BEACH, where I can leave the daily tasks that must be done to upkeep my little home oasis ...well, at home!
My deck is now nearly transformed into a place I intend to spend the majority of my summer in peace, both reading and writing, thinking and praying, enjoying private time as well as time with family and friends. 
It's time to kick back and lighten up.
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3

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