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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Checking it Twice

The past few years I have begun keeping track of presents I have given to friends and family in a journal-type notebook, hoping to insure that, as my memory fades, I don't repeat gifts.  It has been a success so far, but I have only been at it about three years. And thankfully, my memory is still pretty good! I know exactly where
my keys are.
There's a wonderful thing about recording gifts. I can list ideas, what has been bought, what has been wrapped, and where it is stashed until tree time. Unfortunately, the book is pretty much useless when left at home while I am out on a shopping spree. Like today. I forgot things I wanted to get, and got things I didn't need. Those will go in the "need a gift?" gift box. A wonderful invention, if I do say so myself. My mistakes are turned into a cache of gifts, ready at a moments notice.
Tonight I will check my list...AGAIN.  Not twice, but more like for the fourth time.  Santa has it pretty easy if he only needs to check his twice. My little elves have left the nest. His are apparently available year round, and helping 24/7.  Oh for the good old days of having a child's small finger to hold the ribbon while I tie a bow!  Mom taught me well.
I feel a peace tonight that I haven't been able to find yet this season. Things are all coming together finally. And just in time!  My sister arrives tomorrow for Christmas Eve Day, to visit with us and Mom, before heading to Connecticut and our other sister's home for the holidays.  Mom will be so glad to see her, even if she can't express those feelings in words. I will see Mom at the nursing home before church tomorrow night, and sing Silent Night to her as she drifts off to sleep.  A new, much sadder tradition, replaces the old.
We are family and our hearts are forever intertwined, no matter where we are. Home will always be where the heart is...with those I hold dear.
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3

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