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Friday, December 24, 2010

High Tech Holiday

My sister just came and went...leaving crumpled wrapping paper and carefully chosen gifts strewn across our family room floor. Hers are tucked neatly into over-sized Christmas bags, on their way to Connecticut for a late Christmas Eve dinner with our other sister. My house is suddenly quiet, and I am doing my best to appreciate the calm of this holy night. 
You see, my only daughter is away from us this year, celebrating 5 hours away 9across the entire width of our state), with her boyfriend's family.  Our loss is definitely their gain. I am glad I am smiling right now remembering my little angle sporting santa hats, elf socks, reindeer antlers, and the like, demonstrating her unique love for this very special holiday.  She has texted me numerous times already, called once, and sent a picture of her beautiful, smiling self all snuggled in a santa blanket I sent to keep her warm. I am extremely grateful for this advent season....and the advent of the cell phone, blackberry, and computer.  I believe rotary phones were still in use when I had my first Christmas away from home.
I have shed tears at least a dozen times already today, and know they will fill my eyes at various times during our Christmas Eve service at church tonight.  I sing in the choir, but have always made it a tradition to leave the choir and join my family before the final hymn is sung.  With candles lit and raised to honor the birth of the baby Jesus, we sing Silent Night, and in hushed silence leave the sanctuary, cognizant of the miracle of the virgin birth and our savior coming.  It is quite a moving experience.  My baby will be there in spirit, and I will keep her in my prayers, as well as her love and his family.
Wishing you all a blessed Christmas Eve, and the opportunity to be with loved ones, whether in person or in some high tech way.
I love you and miss you Kates! Dontey is blessed to have you in his life.
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3

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