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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Power of Words

The people closest to me might be surprised to learn that, at heart, I have always been a writer. Or.... at least I love to write. I never hated, as other kids did, the term papers,essays, and book reports required throughout high school and college.  I revel in the written word. The expressiveness and power evoked from the combination of thoughts and phrases touch human hearts, minds, and lives. 
The people closest to me might also be surprised that I have written lyrics, and even an entire song that was once performed in a church Christmas pageant. Books of poetry I have penned gather dust in my bedroom amoire. Then there are the stories I have started.... and never finished. Sentiments designed for the inside of cards my older sister once produced cover the backs of papers that were originally destined for the recycle bin. She never even knew I wrote them.
The people closest to me might truly be surprised to learn that I advised a Creative Writing Club at our middle school for several years, hoping to inspire young writer's minds, and exercise their creativity beyond the scope of the newest video games. Of course, at that age, they were more interested in whether there would be snacks at our meetings.
The people closest to me might again be surprised to know that before having major surgery, when my kids were young, the fear of "the worst" happening caused me to write, in longhand no less, story books for each of them filled with the anecdotes of their young lives. Thankfully everything went as the doctor said it would, and I am here to tell more tales. 
Words can evoke strong emotions, and once said, cannot be retrieved.  It is not just the utterance of words though that make them have such great impact. It is also the way they are understood, taken in and interpreted by the listener. My mom always said to choose your words carefully. So except for the occassional slip, I intend to take her advice in both what I say and what I write. 
The most intimate of writings, such as personal letters, journals, and greeting cards that people exchange throughout the year are never more sentimental and altruistic than at this time of year.  We wish peace and love, happiness and joy.  We hang the holly, raise cups of good cheer, and become misty eyed and sentimental hearing classics like There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays. Children climb onto laps and snuggle with loved ones to hear, as if for the first time, the reading of Twas the Night before Christmas.
Do you hear what I hear?!  But that's a story for another time.
A warm country hug to all!
Lisa <3 


  1. I still have most of the notes you left for me in my lunchbox when I was in elementary school!! haha

  2. Wow, Lisa! Still getting to know you after all these years!
    Save the greeting card sentiments. I might do cards again!