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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Minute Shopping

It is only DAYS til Christmas. Thankfully year round shopping that begins with the AFTER Christmas sales keeps my panic to a minimum when the hours are ticking by.  I find it amusing that my idea of panic must be laughable to those who only begin shopping with a few days...or even hours...until the big guy in the red suit is scheduled to deliver his bounty.
I really have only those few little things that need to be bought as close to Christmas as possible, due to being perishable, totally forgotten, or of a size that is hard to hide!  Each year my daughter reminds me of what a truly good job I do hiding their presents. Especially when one is discovered in say....March?!  And then there are the gifts that are safely nestled under the tree, but have no tags announcing the recipient of the gift. I always think I will remember who it is for, and instead have to bear my families mocking tones as I shake, feel, and guess at what is inside and who it is for.  In my defense, I am usually right!
It is surely a hectic time of year, and the little blunders we all make add to the hilarity and joy in spending time together.  There is no perfect holiday, except for the one spent with the ones we love.  Those can never be out done.
The clock is ticking...are you ready?
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3

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  1. i cant wait for our last minute Christmas excursions!!!! so soon!