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Friday, March 4, 2011

Forever Young

I spent the afternoon with the most amazing woman I have had the pleasure to call MOM.  She is now 82 years young, and to celebrate we had a quiet time decorating her once-Christmas tree for spring. It is now a colorful piece of art, with colored eggs, pip berry rings, grapevine hearts, and bows added to the lights. I used to laugh at people who hung plastic eggs on trees. The joke is on me now, since Mom's little tree is festooned with the same brightly colored eggs.  The nursing home had threatened to take down her tree since it was no longer Christmas.  It is now seasonally correct, however, and Mom can continue to enjoy the twinkling lights when she lays down each night.  I am thankful she has such small pleasures.
Before going to see Mom today, I purchased my first real piece of art from a former student at our local high school.  It was intended to be a gift for Mom's birthday, but I am not yet ready to part with it. The piece evokes such strong emotion in me, that, much to the young girl's chagrin, I couldn't hold back the tears when I first held it in my hands.  The artist was not someone I knew, but from the first time I saw her creation in a school showcase, I was brought to tears by the powerful message it relayed. I have never been brought to tears by a piece of art.
The picture is beautifully done in pencil, which accentuates the aged features and deeply lined faces of the central figures. They are an old, distinguished looking, and obviously in love couple. The gentleman is affectionately holding, and kissing, the hand of his true love. Superimposed, and appearing to escape from their memories, are childhood versions of the same two old souls.  The young faces, so innocent and playful, are at the same time separate, and yet part of the two old people.   A picture is said to be worth a thousand words. As much as I love to write, I find that I am at a loss to fully explain the impact of this piece of art on my heart and mind.

Though young in years, the artist must have an "old soul" to see so clearly what everyone else misses. I wish her years of creative, passionate, and heart touching art work.  I don't think she has yet realized the depth of her gift, and I am honored to be the first patron of one of her pieces. I have an original Lauren Williams.

A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3

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