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Thursday, March 10, 2011


As the rain pummels the northeast, particularly the east and west sides of my state, the central counties have somehow escaped the worst of the deluge. This makes my daughter happy, but for me, I am currently living in fear that the sump pump will die a quiet death while I sleep. Awaking to an indoor basement pool is not something I want to repeat, as we have had to throw out life preservers for some of our family room furniture and other items twice before.  Since then I have sworn by our newly installed B-Dry system, and just want to say...don't fail me now! Tomorrow promises to bring clearing skies, and with it safe travel for my daughter to come home for a weekend of shopping for her upcoming birthday, and all the good food she can eat. The fact that for 2 days she doesn't have to cook it herself is a bonus.
It still strikes me as strange that my baby is all grown up and living and working so far from home.  She recently sent me a pic of her in her lab coat....giggling the entire time she was posing.  I think she finds it even harder to believe that she is a mature and contributing member of society.
At work she is currently researching and providing data to doctors on head trauma injuries. I find it interesting and am totally proud of her knowledge, the experience she is gaining, and how capable she is in her role at the lab.  There is no doubt in my mind I would trust her with my life....and should probably have my head examined at some point.
Her Gram and Farfar are happily contemplating spending some time with their granddaughter, or at least they would be if either had any sparks left in their short term memory. While biology and disease has stolen pieces from their memories, the upside is the joy that overtakes them at "surprise" visits they were told about repeatedly.
Here's to family reunions and living in the moment.
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3

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