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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Whose Cause is it Anyway?

I can't go anywhere in my smallish town without being asked either for money, a signature, my time, or today.... to beep my horn.   The support staff union at our local medical center is on strike. While I am 100% behind their right to do so, I cringe at the idea of blaring obnoxiously loud and somewhat rude/crude music outside the windows of those needing hospitalization.  While I believe in the right to free speech, I stumble in my backing when bull horns are used so close to a nursery where newborns lay, or cancer and cardiac patients recover from surgery.  I refused to BEEP my support, outside of an institution where people on hospice are taking their last breaths.  I know I sound anti-support.
In actuality I am a giver, usually of my time or helping in some way, although I feel like a Scrooge every time I say, "Sorry, not today", to hopeful faces from brownies through the VFW.  Mind you, I occasionally drop in a buck, but where does it end?  There are so many GREAT, worthy causes out there.  The cause of the week seems to be Japan, and well, if it's not... it should be.  Just the images of destruction and homeless people makes me want to cry.  And then I remember my church is hosting several homeless families this week too. I should really be there doing what I can.
Instead, I was once again at the nursing home giving my time to Mom. In the end I think this is as it should be.  Mom is not a cause, but she is worthy of my time and the funds I spend keeping her clothed and well taken care of now.  It is not charity, but love. It is not a donation of my time, but an investment.  It is not done to receive, but to give.  She is my family.
I also arrived home today to find a fundraiser packet from my GROWN son's drum corps band.  It made me laugh, remembering all the pizzas, wrapping paper, and goodies we bought to support him in his high school band. Thankfully, the Blue Band at PSU didn't nickel and dime the parents. They just flat out asked for (large) donations. I have to give them credit for that.
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3 

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