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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

G'Day Mate

The other day I spent a few minutes trying to figure out more of the available apps and such on this blog site. In looking at my "audience", I discovered I have had people from as far away as Sweden and Australia view my blog. Wow! Then I remembered one of my daughter's best friends is studying abroad this semester... way down under.
Being in the southern hemisphere, the Aussies are enjoying their summer-into-fall season, as we rush spring on the heels of the last snowstorm.  I am truly looking forward to hearing stories of the kanga and roo variety, as well as see pics of the pandas (koalas?), and nearby reefs. So Natalie, get to work on that and keep us all updated! What we have all lost in your absence, will bring us views of the world we may never have the chance to see. Consider yourself blessed to have this opportunity.
Only once in my life have I left this country, and that was on my honeymoon to the Bahamas. It was a wonderful trip, and I have no wish to replace it with another memory.  I thoroughly enjoy the idea of traipsing off to explore new places, but in reality would rather see them through a good book or movie, while curled up in a chair at the beach, or by the pool or a warm fire. There is something to be said for living vicariously. No jet lag, language barrier, 4 hours in an airport, customs searches, or breaking the bank. 
Here's to the adventurous souls and brave at heart who, after exploring new places, find that coming home is just as exciting as taking off for new places.  When you return, Nat, we will see you at Kate's and you can show us how to throw a shrimp on the barbie and celebrate Aussie style.  You are missed.
A warm country hug to all (continents),
Lisa <3

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  1. Mama Swags! I appreciate the dedicated post. In 3 weeks, Sydney has already been an incredible experience. The quality of life here is uplifting and if it weren't for close friends and family, I don't know if I'd be returning!

    If Chris lets you on his facebook for a few min, you can catch some of the gorgeous pics I've taken thus far.

    Take care!