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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Count Down!

I am counting down the days for many things right now, but the one my soul needs to hope for and focus on is Mother's Day at the beach with my daughter...my best friend.  Two years ago we took a chance and headed for the Jersey shore on Mother's day weekend, with the hopes for good weather, but needing only each other's company and a distinct change of scenery.  Count Down....Road Trip!
Kate made the CD so we had tunes on the road. I packed movies, snacks, drinks, and bathing suits...just in case.  ( I will always be her Mum, even if we are bbfs!) There is a thrill in hitting the road when plans are not set in stone, and you certainly can't ask for better company.  The miles pass in what seems like minutes rather than hours. Leaving bright and early, we race the sun to the water's edge, anticipating the heady feel of THE BEACH.
As we cross the last bridge between us and our destination, the distinct fishy/salty/sea smell hits us right in the face.  Inhaling deeply we become impatient for the feel of sand between our toes, and the fresh wind in our hair.  Sounds of the nearby boardwalk, already alive with preseason activity greets our ears.  Boardwalk pizza!  The dinner menu is non-negotiable.
On that special weekend two years ago, as luck would have it, the first day of weather was unseasonably warm and sunny.  Light breezes kept us from feeling the sun toasting our fresh from winter skin.  After a long mountain winter, the tingly feel of too much sun on our shoulders was more life affirming than painful. It was our awakening to summer after a long winter's nap.
That first day was heaven sent. Though the daylight hours were still short, it was jam packed with all things beachy. Jars of sea shells and sea glass stand as a testament to that weekend, newly found treasures I still display at home.  The imprints of our winter weary bodies remained in the sand into the next day, when the weather returned to normal (drizzle), allowing us time for movies, girl talk, and serious catching up time. 
This year calls for another get away.  A road trip extraordinaire, where we can return saying what happens at the beach, stays at the beach. Except for the memories, which stay in our hearts all year, until the planning begins again.
Count down.... Kate will let me know how many days!
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3

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  1. woowoooo!!! printing some calendars to start planning the next few months today!! :-)