1800's Farmhouse where I grew up

Friday, February 25, 2011

Lost and Found

I woke this morning to find a pair of freshly washed and mated socks in the middle of my bed. They were not there when I fell asleep last night.  After stretching and grumbling at my 5 AM wake up call, I finally sat up enough to notice I had left my sock drawer open a few inches last night.  The two year old cat I still call Kitten had brought me the foot warming present as I slept.
She is not the first four legged family member to bring presents.  I was grateful that it was only socks this time, knowing our outdoor cats have, on occasion, brought home something feathered or furry. I am not a fan of those types of presents, and have been known to hit some high pitched squeals at the sight of them.
Our neighbor's retriever once brought home an entire leg bone from a deer it had found in the woods. Thankfully it couldn't pass through the door with a catch that long.
A long ago neighbor, who was a few houses up the road from our farm, had a retriever also. Ours were of the golden variety, but they had a very large black Labrador named Rudy.  He was not allowed to roam the neighborhood by himself, but always seemed to find a way around that rule, showing up at our paddock for a scratch behind the ears.  I soon learned his favorite game was keep away. He picked up something he wasn't supposed to have, and we attempted to get it back.
On one of my then fiance's visits before we were married, Rudy showed up just as John was packing to head home again.  The trunk was open, and his gym bag was still on the driveway. That not so helpful dog said hello, grabbed a sneaker, and took off for home. Now you wouldn't think such a big dog could move so fast, but my quarter miler fiance had a truly difficult time catching up with the dog. Eventually her was able to run him down and snag his sneaker. It's hard to be mad at a dog who appears to be laughing when you scold him.
The ironic thing about owning a retriever...they never retrieve what you want them to!  Somehow, though, they always manage to steal your heart.
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3

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