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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Squeaky Wheel

Yesterday was a blurrrrrrrr...with interrupted sleep setting me up for a long day, and then finding my mother was sick at the nursing home.  And when I say finding, I should actually say TELLING the nursing home she was sick.  Requests for help when one eye was "glued" shut by mucus (sorry, I know that is grosse!) were not heeded quickly enough in my book. Informing the staff that a wet cough had also developed was initially ignored also.  Thankfully, I have learned over the past five years to go over the heads of staff who are not on the ball. And I am good at it.
I wasn't home from the nursing home even an hour when I received a call from the on duty nurse. The doctor had been contacted and Mom was prescribed, and had already been given, the first mega-dose of a Z pack. Apparently I had made myself heard. The squeaky wheel.....
This squeaky wheel got a little louder today, when a staff member who had spent the entire day on Mom's wing was unaware if she still had the wet cough from yesterday. She does.  I heard it a half dozen times while I was with her, and once when we were only three feet away from the unaware nurse.  Seriously how is his possible? 
Since the day Mom was placed in the nursing home I have worried that no one could take care of her as well as I would.  My standards were strict, and my resolve steadfast that she would get the best care.  Knowing I am unable to affect change when I am there only an hour or so a day is frustrating.  Getting a call from the administrator though, means I am being heard, even if change is slow to trickle down to the hands that actually care for Mom.  They are also the ones who show affection and socialize with the clients. It doesn't help that those with the most hands-on care receive the smallest pay for their efforts. 
Why? Our society is misguided. We pay athletes millions of dollars, yet those entrusted with the care of parents who brought us into the world make poverty level wages. I don't have a solution, but I do intend to continue being a squeaky wheel.
Cover your ears!
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3

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