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Monday, February 21, 2011


After all the snow "storms" we have had this winter, today's inch-an-hour snow fall has them all beat.  I declared spring as having arrived last week, so this spring snow won't be around long. The warmer temps will melt it into oblivion before March even arrives.
The snow (white) on my mind today, though, actually isn't the stuff falling outside, but the animated character and her 7 cronies I first learned to love as a child.  In the advent of all the Disney movies coming out on VHS back in the 1980s, my Mom began a collection for her grandchildren, thrilled herself at the prospect of sharing these classic stories with them. My now-grown children have wonderful memories of watching movies with Gram, and inherited many pieces of her collection over the years, as she saw fit.
Yesterday something drew me to my grandfather's slant top writing desk, where I keep many of Mom's papers and mementos. After shuffling through pictures that, on their own, caused me to smile in remembrance, I came across a tiny slip of paper in Mom's handwriting.  The paper wasn't more than 1 1/2" by 2 1/2", yet had all the names of my aunts and uncles scribbled on it , as well as my mom's name.  Next to each name was an assigned character, matching personality traits of each of the seven siblings with a dwarf, all of whom have gained popularity since they were first envisioned by Disney in the 1930s.
This find is priceless to me, as since that time, we have lost two very special members of that group, who undoubtedly marched to school together with their own version of "It's off to school we go".  The fact that the list is in good condition and handwritten by Mom, well that just makes it all the more meaningful.  I can almost picture her watching the movie with my children, jotting down the names of her beloved brothers and sisters, and giggling to herself as she assinged each  their new moniker.  Of course, there is a distinct possibility that, as children, the seven of them had already jokingly dubbed each with the name best fitting their personality and characteristics.
However it happened, I am happy to hold a piece of family history, which I will pass on to my own children.
All seven siblings are so very precious to me, as family, and the memories we share, are everything.
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3

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  1. I love this!! We LOVED watching movies with gram!! One of my all-time favorites... to this day... was watching Mrs. Doubtfire there!! And we always were so excited when she would let us borrow one of the movies until the next time we visited. I love you grandma!