1800's Farmhouse where I grew up

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The New Normal

We have established that things have changed in our household, with aging parents needing the attention once reserved for babies and toddlers.  It is the new norm and we are slowly adjusting to the responsibilities of parenting our parents and ensuring they are safe, well taken care of, and above all else...loved.
Mom was cough-less today, a good sign that her pneumonia is on the run from the antibiotics now coursing through her frail body. My father-in-law has retained enough short term memory to realize he is home now, and not at the hospital any longer.  For this I give thanks.
Normal now consists of running from work to our perspective parents each day, missing dinner together.  My husband and I carve out an hour... tops ...to reconnect each day, to share stories, and to check schedules for the next day. It is no doubt trying, but a necessity at this time.  I am glad we are in a position to be the parents. For this I give thanks.
I am tireder ( is that really a word?) than ever, and crave a full night's sleep without calls from hospital nurses, nursing home staff, or my fast fingered father-in-law, who once called 15 times in 12 minutes. On those occasions the answering machine and voicemail are my best friends. Ah, technology! For this I give thanks.
For all who have reversed roles and are parenting their parents, I give thanks, for it is a thankless job...we wouldn't quit for the world.
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3


  1. The new 'normal'..it sucks! But we wouldn't trade our happy times for the world! I know you have the strength to get through this, Lisa. I cannot do much from here but I think about you every day.
    Love and big hugs,

  2. I love you mum! Meet on Saturday?!? :-) Dont works 12-7 I think! A little food & shop to recharge and find some strength to continue on. We are so blessed to have the good memories, each other, and people like Katy who have such big hearts that reach out and become new friends.

    p.s. do you wanna help pick out a puppy for me to bring home on Saturday too?!? pleeeease?!?!? :-)