1800's Farmhouse where I grew up

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two Wheeling

Back in the day (as my son would say) there were no video games, only 5 working channels on our television, and no malls to hang out in.  What we did have, however, was bikes.  On those lazy summer days with "nothing" to do, we could disappear for hours, biking from one friends house to the next, or exploring the neighborhood woods.  We definitely created our own fun and adventures, minus the sound effects and animation demanded by today's quick thumbed game players.
The summer my mom's twin arrived with her own twins in tow, my sisters, my best friend Debbie, and I became enamoured with the cousins we never had the chance to see or spend time with. They were from Texas, and we weren't. Their plans to move to Colorado gave us the brilliant idea to plan a bike trip across country for the next summer. We each had a wide-tired Schwinn, no gears, no bells, no whistles. Those bikes moved on pure leg power, up hill and down.  Biking cross country? No sweat.
After the departure of our cousins, we began a daily workout on our bikes and made travel plans. God Bless my parents for allowing us to gather information, brochures, and maps for our proposed route, all through snail mail no less. They never discouraged us or said it couldn't be done. Ah the wisdom of parents who let you learn those life lessons on your own.
The summer months passed and school began again. We each became involved in school and other activities, and the thoughts of a bike trip to Colorado were soon forgotten. The lesson hasn't been, though, and I have tried to take to heart the idea of not being a dream killer, and allowing others to work through their personal plans and ideas. Eventually we all reach our goal, or change the game plan on our own. In the end then, no matter the outcome, we can all consider ourselves successful.
Here's to better weather and doing some two wheeling.
A warm country hug to all.
Lisa <3


  1. Lisa, I had such a long day today, I decided to come home and check my email quickly and get off the computer. But I thought I will read Lisa's blog quick. I was so glad I did, it made me laugh and brought back so many memories. Do you remember the four os us actually had money saved for the trip, I think it was only nine dollars! My grandfather lived to be 99, he never forgot the story of us planning to ride our bikes to Colorado, he used to laugh and laugh at that. We did have some good times together as kids.

  2. Debbie! So glad you have been able to read along with my stories! I have so many more to come. haha We used to have so much fun together!