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Monday, January 10, 2011

Come Out Come Out... Where Ever You Are

I double parked for the zillionth time at the nursing home today, in order to run up to the 3rd floor to see Mom before the threats of being towed aired on the intercom.  I was thinking to myself, we had a nice visit yesterday, so I could just breeze in and check on her before my car was impounded. 
When I reached the top floor, out of breath from running up the stairs no less, I couldn't find Mom anywhere. With a broken hip, I knew she didn't escape on her own! She wasn't in bed though, or in her room, or with the residents in the TV room. One of the aides chose that moment to tease me that Mom had "gone out". We located her in the shower room, but not before I had a moment of panic as to her whereabouts.
Today's incident reminded me of the days my son disappeared as a child. Not once, but several times he had me in such a panic I was ready to call the police. The first time was on a trip to the mall. I was looking through a clothing rack when I realized my little monkey had climbed out of his stroller. I ran in a circle around the rack, calling his name, then dashed madly through the store, still unable to find him. I finally darted out into the mall to search, my mind racing as to what to do next. As I returned to get his stroller, I had planned to notify the store and then security. Mind you, this all happened in less than a minute. As I grabbed the stroller by the rack, the clothes miraculously began giggling. Parting the sweaters that were on sale, I saw the smiling face of my firstborn, sitting on the floor in the center of the rack, as though it was his private clubhouse. His joyous face let me know he was totally unaware of the panic and commotion he had caused.
I was one relieved mom when I found him. Not long after, I became one of those awful people who put their child on a "leash". Such an ingenious device that connects parent and child to prevent the little ones form making a run for it. However socially unacceptable it may seem, that device kept us all sane and my son SAFE when we ventured out in busy public places.
Unfortunately, it was not in use at home when he made his next jail break. But that's a story for another time.
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3

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