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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Simply Stylish

Yesterday was one of those LOOONNGGG days that, for a variety of reasons, I was happy to see end. Stress, anxiety, and that feeling of  having no control over certain aspects of your own life can be very draining.  Another "storm" here in the northeast has schools cancelled for the day, awaiting a warm up that will hopefully melt the several inches of ice encrusted snow that covers my drive and road.  Skating anyone?!
I am thankful for another day to rest and reclaim my sanity once again.
After sleeping in...a requirement after getting that 5 AM call that school is cancelled...I wanted to catch up on my blog, since yesterday's events kept me from doing so. Much to my delight and chagrin, a fellow blogger...one who inspires me greatly...has awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award. I didn't even know there WAS a Stylish Blogger Award!  At her request, I am to share seven things about myself, before awarding others the same honor.  So here goes.
* As a child I LOVED horses. After begging my dad for a horse I could board at a local riding stable, I was shocked to find that my parents intended instead to buy a farm. And two horses. I will always love my parents for their willingness to make things happen, and for how much they loved us all.
* As the athlete, jock, and "boy" in the family, I played LaCrosse through high school and college. I had the opportunity to try out for the National LaCrosse team back in the day, and was honored to exceed my own expectations, and made it to the final cuts....even though I was sick!
* I love kids, especially my own, and like my parents, am willing to make things happen when I can...and love them more than life. The same goes for my husband and our families.
* All of the dogs that have blessed my married life have been rescued in some way, and provided much love and gave back so much more to us than I feel we ever did for them.
* There is a song in my heart, and I sing, a lot. Especially in the car, caring not the least whether there are passengers.  Thankfully, there are rarely complaints.
*  FRIENDS. Old, new, for a season, or a lifetime...they have all influenced me in so many positive ways. I am who I am because of these people and my family. Thank you for molding me. And thank you Katy for supporting me, when you have so much to deal with in your own life.  You are Superman Sammy 's Super Mom!
* Last, but certainly not least, I have a strong faith in God. It is faith that continues because of, rather than in spite of life sending me so many lemons.  My strength is in walking with God. And making lemonade.
We all need a pat on the back sometimes. Here's hoping we accept them graciously.
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3 
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  1. I love this post!! Thank you for bringing all 7 of those things into my life as well :-) ESPECIALLY the dogs! hahaha I love you!!