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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Some recent dental work has caused me significant pain and, more importantly, the lack of crunchy foods I love. Carrots, nuts, popcorn. They are my go-to foods when I am feeling stressed. Apparently I take it out on my teeth when I am overwhelmed.  I have cracked two teeth this year alone while eating almonds. I know there is stress in my life, but it seems my teeth are taking the brunt of it.
While visiting my mom today, I found her "sawing wood" in her bed at the nursing home. This made me smile, AND crave a well deserved nap on the couch with some wood sawing of my own to do.  After kissing her forehead "hello", I went in search of a chair to sit on by her bed as she slept.  My "bull in a china closet" approach to bringing in a chair, however, woke Mom from her intended slumber.  I felt badly until she looked at me and smiled that toothless grin I have grown to love over the past few years.  It melts my heart every time, for I truly want to believe that in her confusion it is a sign of recognition, of love for her daughter, before the mask of indifference steals back over her aging features.
It's perfectly amazing how the simplicity in a genuine smile can change your mood and frame of mind, even if only for a moment in time.  I have told Mom countless times that she makes my day when she smiles at me.  Today was one of those days that her grin brought me out of my own self involved thoughts about a throbbing tooth and difficulties at work. I may someday join the toothless wonders I greet each day at the home, smiling at strangers and loved ones alike, hopefully changing their mood with this simple gesture. At least I hope that will be the case.
But that's a story for another time...hopefully a long way down the path God has given me to walk.
SMILE! It's the best accessory for your face, and the best gift you have to give. :-)
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3
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  1. You are a very strong woman, Lisa. I hope your tooth feels better, and that you have many more smiles between you and your lovely mom. They are special moments!