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Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm Over It!

Since Christmas, the snow just keeps on coming here in the mountains. That magical Christmas snow is buried under the dirty, traffic marred flakes that are now piling up in parking lots and road sides. On Friday, our school district reached snow day #4, and we are looking at #5 later this week.  These days off, which were fun at the time, will add an entire week to the school year. I have decided, along with seniors who really want to graduate on time, that I'm soooo over it!
The roads were clear for a final family celebration at my daughter's home this weekend, signaling the official end to our calendar of holiday activities.  Our traditions have expanded to include a dinner held at her tiny apartment, for up to 14 friends and family members from both our family and her boyfriends. Somehow you never stop being a mom, especially when your child yells, "HELP!" 
The family car was loaded with everything from groceries, already cooked foods, tablecloths, cases of sodas, and baking pans, to cleaner for the kitchen sink.  And a new game.  In meshing two families from the opposite ends of Pennsylvania, we have found common bonds in our children, our faith, good food, and a rousing game of....Mad Gab!  Each of the past three years we have met center state, and  have played a new game after feasting on homemade dishes that are so delicious they are sinful. Yesterday's game time was probably the funniest thing I have seen since our games of Hi Jack! when my kids were young. Sometimes you just get to a point where the laughter and hilarity of the situation is more fun than the game itself. I am grateful for the laughs and the good times with people we consider to be extended family. 
I am already looking forward to a game next year. 
For all you Mad Gabbers.....Fame ill he is a very think!
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3

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