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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Don't Borrow Trouble

As the last day of my Christmas vacation is too quickly coming to an end, I am fighting the urge to complain and wish for more days of relaxation and family time.  It has been wonderful, despite missing my daughter immensely on Christmas Eve and Day.  I have always taught her, when wallowing in self pity over some type of disappointment, that things could always be worse.  (I also need to follow my own advice!) I have reminded her, as my Mom taught me, not to "borrow trouble".  Iamgining the worst or planning to be miserable only steals our time and energy better spent living in the moment and appreciating the good things life has to offer.
Sometimes we all need someone to offer us a little perspective, an eye opening look at how other people live, and how lucky we truly are to have one another.  Life offers us challenges, disappointments, and second chances.  It is our perspective that allows us to deal with what life offers in a positive way that can impact our own lives, as well as those of others.
I have a new follower on Home is Where the Heart Is.  This person offered me some much needed perspective today as I read her own blog, detailing the efforts of her son and their family in combatting his childhood leukemia.  Most of us have worries, complaints, and problems that pale in comparison. We can all learn from this precious, little superboy.
Tomorrow I will return to work/school.  Unlike previous years of answering "How was your vacation?" with, "It was too short!", I pray I will remember to keep my perspective. Some returning students find school to be their safe haven; the only place they feel cared about, and where some receive their only meal in a day. 
Let us all take time to count our blessings. Family, home, beloved friends, and those who give us perspective.
Thank you Mom, and thank you Sam's Mum.
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3

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  1. I also loved how you said that you don't make resolutions... rather you reflect, hope, and plan for the future. I, too, am doing my best to simplify, get back to basics, and live my life right. The beginning of the new year is a great time to start. I love you!