1800's Farmhouse where I grew up

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Of Dreams and Angels

I have recently been waking at night, mid-dream, to visions of people long gone from this world. In those moments they are so alive, so real. The dreams elicit strong emotions in me, some sad, some peaceful, and some just whet my appetite for more contact.  It always bothered me, after my dad passed away so many years ago now, that I never dreamt about him. I wanted this so much, hoping it would offer me a chance to say good bye, even if only in my dreams. Dad had died unexpectedly, and in the briefest of moments, from cardiac arrest. There was no chance for a face to face goodbye.
It was years before I finally had a dream about my dad that I actually remembered. I'm sure I had some, but the chances of waking at night at exactly the right moment that would allow me to recall the dream were slim.  In the dream sequence, Dad was sitting, smiling, almost looking down at me, which is hard since I was almost as tall as he was. The strange part of the dream was that, while I could see him and he could see me, he was somehow apart from the rest of the setting of the dream.  There was a busyness, but Dad was not involved, just observing. What I took away from that dream was that he is OK. And happy.  A friend suggested to me that his presence in the dream was to let me know not only that he was alright, but that he was watching over me.

Many people express the idea that loved ones who have passed on are their angels, watching over them in their daily lives.  My children were only 5 and 8 when they lost not one, but two grandparents in a four month period.  I spoke to them often of holding the memories of their Farmor and Granddaddy in their hearts. I promised they would be with them each day, watching over them, and loving them always.  I believe this with all my heart.
Shortly after my dad had left us, I sucked it up and returned to work, but the grief I carried was heavy.  My route to and from the small school where I was teaching included a traffic light where a small country road came to a T with a busy, 4 lane highway.  Now, I must preface what I am about to say with the fact that as a driver, I can have a lead foot and like to get places quickly.  On this one particular day, as I waited for the green light to turn onto the 4 lane highway, I suddenly felt a sense of calm come over me.  Normally one to hit the gas and go when a light changed, I sat motionless in my car, even after hearing the annoyed beep of the car behind me. I recall glancing at the car in my rear view mirror, yet something kept me from moving forward.  In that instant, an SUV flew through the red light of the intersection I was about to enter.  It didn't startle or scare me. I was safe, and felt a peace I hadn't since my dad had died.  There is no doubt in my mind or heart that I had an angel with me that day.  And just maybe it was Dad.
Wishing you each a guardian angel to watch over you.
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3


  1. I have always loved hearing this story.. and just recently told it to Dontey. I wish so much that he could have met Grandaddy.. I know Masha would have had a tough time deciding which one of them to sit next to all day!! xoxo

  2. That brought a tear to my eye...so true. Thanks for the gift of remembering. Love you bunches!

  3. Lisa, I have to tell you that I often have dreams with dad in them, and he never speaks a word, he is just there, and even tho he has been gone almot 20 years, I know that he is still watching over me.

  4. Helen, I have such fond memories of Uncle Clair, your full-of-life house, and of course the Victory Diner. I am so glad you have had similar experiences in your dreams. They bring comfort. Thanks for sharing! xoxo