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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sit Com

The stomach virus that is attacking with a vengeance this winter has had me down for two days, enabling me to catch up on television shows I haven't had the time, or desire, to see in ages.  As a kid, I have vague memories of watching TV, and eating chicken noodle soup when we were home sick from school. When my own kids missed a day, they were ensconced on the couch, tucked in with pillows and blankets, and invariably watched The Price is Right, and other shows they would never watch on a normal day.  And yes there was chicken noodle soup.
Today, it is sit coms and soap operas.  Everything from Rachel and Ross to Raymond and Deborah, to As the One Life at General Hospital Turns.  As I watched between headache induced naps today, I had an epiphany. My life is a sit com. My daughter's is a soap opera.  And I'm pretty sure my husband is the old movie channel.  That leaves Chris our sports network star.
My husband and I tend to have the same disagreements and daily issues as we see on television. The difference is, without the laugh track, the same problems aren't as funny....or easily solved.  It is amusing when Ray blurts out an ill conceived idea or comment, and I find myself smirking and thinking, that is John! Turn about IS fairplay though, and I have often heard my dear husband comment that a behavior or emotional response to...well, ANYTHING... from Deborah is indeed me in the same situation.  Again, the laugh track that makes light of what can ultimately become a fight is missing.  I have tried harder recently to see the humor in these moments, to end up laughing rather than crying, and to consider the possibility that not everything is a life altering crisis.
My soap opera star of a daughter has had enough drama in her young life to consider the same.  Each story she shares has the potential for being a Lifetime movie.  With the right filter in place, however, it would allow her to see the humor in her situation. A would-be tragedy can become a real learning experience. And in the future...a great (funny) story to tell.
Being sick, I am not at my peak for sharing stories, and have found myself currently lacking in proper grammar and spelling.  I am currently very thankful for spell check. I do know, though, if my life was really a sit com, I'd be laughing at myself along with the rest of you. 
A warm country hug to all,
Lisa <3

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